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POS In Miami

Pos In Miami Specializes In Point of Sale Solutions.

P.O.S in Miami

POS Hospitality Systems and Retail Scanning Systems!

Sistemas De Punto De
Ventas POSinMiami

Welcome To Our Site!

Food Delivery System!
Website Ordering!

Are You A Restaurant Owner Looking To Take Web Site Food Orders and Pick Up Orders And Get Away From Paying High Percentages and Fee's?

We Have The Perfect Food Delivery and Web Site Ordering System For You!

And You Keeps All The Profit$From Your Orders!

It Includes A Website With Picture Menu's So Your Customers Can Order Food Easily & Even Place Food Orders From FaceBook!

GPS Tracking on Delivery!

Stand Aone System For Only $49.99 Per Month Unlimited Orders & No Fees! New Customer Introductory Price!

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To Get You Started!

P.O.S En Miami

Bienvenido A Nuestra Pagina!

Quieren Aceptar Ordenes De Comida Para Su Restaurante En Un Website?

Tenemos Su Sistema!

Incluye Una Pagina Web Con Su Menu En Fotos Para Que Su Cliente Ordenen las Comidas Facil y Pueden Ordenar En Facebook Tambien!

Todo Por Solo $49.99 Por Mes! Ordenes Inlimitadas
Y No Fee!

Llamenos Hoy Para Aplicar Este Sistema En Su Restaurante, Para
Incrementar Sus Ventas
Y Automatizar
El Proceso!

Delivery Y Take Out Ordenes! Por Website y



No Compren Este Sistema
Atraves De Un Banco, Office Supply O Wholesale Club!


1. Primero No Son Especialistas En Sistema's De Punto de
Venta, No Dan Buen Servicio Y El Programa Que Corre No Es Bueno.

2. Segundo Y Mas Importante, Le Ofrecen Este Sistema Arriba Con Un Proposito!

Cojer Su Cuenta De Tarjetas de Credito Para Ganar Porcentages En
Todas Sus Ventas De
Tarjeta De Credito de Su Negocio!

La Compania Le Rembolsa Eso Porcentages!

3. Y El Sistema Nunca Es Suyo O Despues
De Pagarlo Por
48 O 60 Meses Con Contrato.

Digan Que NO! Yo Le Compro El Sistema A Una Impresa Profesional De POS Punto De Ventas.

A Dynamic POS

 Mi Dinero En Ventas De Tarjetas Es Mio!

Beware of Commercial Banks Trying To Sell You A Point of Sale System Like The One
Above Or Others When You Open a Bank Account Or Those Being Sold Through Whole Sale Clubs or Office Supply Stores.

They Are ALL Middle Men to Other Companies and offer These System With One Goal!

To Get Your Credit Card Business
And Make Percentages Of All Your Credit Card Sales at your Store!

You Also Never Own The Equipment or Own It After Paying for 5 Years Under Contract For It!

Say NO!

I Will Buy My Point of Sale System From A Point Of Sale Company and Professionals Who Specialize In It Like A Dynamic POS

My Credit Card Money Is Mines!

POS In Miami by A Dynamic Point Of Sale

Will Provide That!

We offer a Complete 
Turnkey Point
 Of Sale Systems and POS Cash Registers for The Restaurant Hospitality Market and The Retail Scanning Market in Miami Florida and World Wide.

  We Have Point of Sale Systems for
Point of Sale Systems for Nightclubs, Point of Systems for Bars and POS for Retail Stores,
Grocery Stores, Gift Shops, Liquor Stores, Clothing Stores, Cigar Shops, Coin Laundry and Specialized Solutions for Retail Specialty Stores.

Most Important A Dynamic Point of Sale Has The Best Point of Sale Solution For Your Business!

Tenemos La Mejor Solucion Para
Su Negocio En Punto De Venta!

One Thing Is to Sell A Point of A
Sale System and Another Thing Is Be Experts Offering Excellent Solutions, Service and Support!

We Only Offer The Best!

Call Us Today!

Llamenos Hoy!




Garantia En La Puerta De Su Negocio! Si No, No Es Garantia.

Turnkey means we provide you with the Hardware and The Software and We Train you on the System ON-SITE!

We also provide
Warranty and Local Service and Support so you have one place to shop and it guarantees you have The Best Support Available.

Customers have been speaking and have Stated That Buying A P.O.S. System through the Internet where they have No Local
Support or On-Site Service was a Major Mistake and Dial-up Support was useless because hardware can not be fixed with Dial Up.

 No One should pay for Dial-up Monthly Support if the Software is Stable, Reliable and Good.

If they offer you Dial Up support it means the Software you have is Not Reliable and Has Bugs.

Local Service, ON-Site Warranty and On-site Support at your Business is the Proven Way To Buy a Point of Sale System To be Completely Satisfied!


Experience is the Key!

A Dynamic P.O.S has Evolved with the Market  since the Days of The Electronic Cash Register and we continue to sell the Leading edge
based on Reliability, Features, Productivity and Ease of Use.

We have over 22 years experience in the Computer and Point of Sale Hospitality Industry offering the Best Solutions and Management Techniques Available. We Provide
Proven Technology and Software for Professional Business Owners that wants the Best System for their Business.

If you Have A Company in South Florida and You Want Good Computers and On-Site  Support That's What We Offer!

We Are Honest And Our Customers Are Smart, Happy And Loyal To Us!


Vertical Markets and Territory

We Have Solutions for Many Types of Vertical Markets Like Point of Sale Systems for Night Clubs, Point of Sale Systems for Restaurants, Point of Sale systems for Grocery Stores, Point of sale solutions for General Retail Stores, Point of Sale Systems for Clothing Stores, Point of Sale System for Liquor Store, Point of Sale Systems for Electronic Store, Point of Sale Systems for Shoe Store, Point of Sale Solutions for Small Bars, Point of Sale Solutions for Amusement Parks with Ticketing, Point of Sale Systems for Sports Stadiums and Casinos, Point of Sale Solutions for Hospitals and Point of Sale Systems for Concessions and Cinemas and Point of Sale Systems for the Fast Food Market. We Have Point of Sale Systems For All Types of Business in Miami.
We Are A Company That covers Point of Sale Systems in Miami, Point of Sale Systems in Coral Gables, Point of Sale Systems
in Miami Beach, Point of Sale Systems in North Miami, Point of Sale Systems in Aventura,
Point of Sale Systems in Key Biscayne, Point of Sale Systems in Coconut Grove, Point of Sale Systems in Westchester,
Point of Sale Systems in Brickell,
Point Of Sale Systems in Doral, Point Of Sale Systems in Hollywood, Point Of Sale Systems in
Hialeah, Point Of Sale Systems in
In Fort Lauderdale, Point Of Sale Systems In Key Largo, Point Of Sale Systems in Pembroke Pines, Point Of Sale Systems In Davie, Point Of Sale Systems In Key West, And Point Of Sale Systems in Homestead Florida. We Also provide systems World Wide and Point of Sale System Hardware for Export.


Hospitality Systems
For Night Clubs, Bars and Restaurant

For The Hospitality Market Some Great Touchscreen Solutions are Available. The Solutions are proven and very Reliable.  We provide The Hardware, Software, Training and Warranty so you have Full Support on the Complete System.

Our Hospitality Systems Provide Fast Throughput and Many Advantages over other systems enabling Owners to Ring up More Sales and offering the Staff a great way to put in orders.

We Have Installed Systems In The Largest Night Clubs in South Florida and We Have Installed Systems in the Largest Restaurants
as well.

We Back Up The Owners Investment and We Understand The In's and Out's of your Business.

Visit our Section above on Restaurants and Nightclubs for more Information.


Micro-Chip Liquor Control Systems

In Today's World controlling your Liquor is Crucial and tracking your Bartenders as well.  We offer a Patented Free-Pour Liquor Control System with optional Back Bar Bottle System. The system can be set to pour the size of shot you like and it pours the perfect shot all the time eliminating Spillage and Theft because it account for every shot poured and mix drink served automatically! No Counting and No Weighing Bottles!

The System can control your Bar from A-Z, It Provides The Lowest Pouring Cost You Can have and It Pays for itself!

Visit our Section above on Restaurants and Nightclubs to find out more about The Liquor Control System.

Retail Scanning Point of Sale System

If your looking for a Scanning System for your Retail Store we have several systems to choose from. All of them provide scanning capability, Inventory Control, Detail Customer History, Accounting, Bar Code Printing and Extensive Reporting. The system also offers Real Time Wireless Handheld you can use for Physical Counts, Price Checking, Receiving Stock and Much More.

We offer Point of Sale Scanning Solutions for Many Vertical Markets including General Retail Stores, Point of Sale System for Discount Stores, Point of Sale Systems for Dollar Store, Point of Sale Systems for Liquor Stores, Point of Sale Systems for Grocery Stores, Point of Sale Systems for Apparel Stores, Point of Sale Systems for Shoe Stores and Point of Sale Systems for Specialty Stores.

Visit our Section above on Retail POS for More Information.

Grocery Stores and C-Store Scanning Systems

If your Opening a Grocery store or C-Store or would like to Upgrade or Change your existing System we have a Great System designed for Grocery Stores and C-Stores. The system uses Scanners and Scales To
Manage the Complete Grocery Store Inventory from the Meat Department To The Produce Department to the Front Check Out Lane. It also allows  EBT Sales and Provides Extensive Reporting.

The System allow owners to Control Inventory Accurately and manage the Grocery Store and C-Store the Perfect Way.

Visit our Section above on Retail and Grocery POS for More Information.


Purchase Options

We offer several ways you can purchase a P.O.S System including Leasing and Outright Purchase Which is the most Affordable Way to Buy a New system.

Looking for A Great Credit Card Processing Rate
Advance Payments &
Same Day Deposit
Call Us To Sign Up! 786.262.5151